National Museum announces an architectural competition

28.07.2015 | Architectural Competition for supply of expositions, exhibition space and visitor service in the Historical and the New Building of the National Museum of Czech Republic.

National Museum Library´s employee attacked Hitler

04.12.2014 | Jan Kefer, one of the most recognized hermetic of the last century and also long-term employee of the National Museum Library attempted an uncommon act at the beginning of WWII.According to the opinion of Czech hermetics, he tried to stop Hitler using several magic interventions. His attempts were not successful, and Jan Kefer was shortly after transported to German concentration camp where he died at the age of just 35.After the war, the president Edvard Beneš awarded him with Czechoslovakian War Cross in memoriam.

’Velvet’ the 17th of November 1989?

17.11.2014 | This year we commemorate 25 years from the revolution indicated as ‘Velvet‘. It would be a mistake to assume its process was really so smooth and calm. The events surrounding the demonstration on the 17th of November 1989 have a dramatic character and they started the process that resulted in the collapse of communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

Documentation of ÚLUV in the National Museum

09.10.2014 | The depositories of the National Museum conceal many treasures.It includes a part of documentation of the activity of former Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚLUV), remarkable institution which managed to combine the work of ethnographers and designers with production and business.

VIDEO: Prague Museum Night 2014

16.07.2014 | Did you enjoy Prague Museum Night 2014? You can now remind yourself the unique atmosphere of this occasion in our video spot.

Visit the National Museum

29.05.2013 | National Museum is the largest museum institution in the Czech Republic! The National Museum holds more than twenty million items in its collections, covering the areas of natural and human history, mineralogy, geology, palaeontology, zoology, and other scientific fields, presented to visitors in fourteen buildings both within and outside Prague. The National Museum is not just one building!

Research of the tomb and remains of Tycho Brahe

11.02.2013 | In 2010 in Prague, the remains of Tycho Brahe were exhumed, and in the autumn of 2012 the research results were published.It proved Tycho Brahe was not poisoned. The Exhibition of the Tomb Research of Tycho de Brahe with the participation of the National Museum maps individual steps of the research. The exhibitions open on February 12thin the premises of Academy of Science

National Museum is open. Come and see us!

02.02.2012 | Main building of the National Museum is closed for refurbishment. But the other buildings of National Museum are still open! Come and see them!

Moving the mammoth

20.09.2011 | Moving activities: on Tuesday, Sept 19, 2011 the mammoth model was taken apart.

Last items leave the Museum

07.02.2011 | There is a really hard nut left to crack at the end of moving and that is temporarily relocating the buffalo, an almost 6 foot tall antelope and other large mammals.