Top items - Horoscope of Albrecht von Wallenstein

01.11.2016 | The horoscope of Albrecht von Wallenstein is among the ten most important exhibits in the National Museum. The famous military commander and nobleman, Albrecht of Wallenstein, trusted greatly in astrologists and had several horoscopes put together for himself. However, the horoscope discussed in this video is in many ways unique.

Top items – From the New World

01.11.2016 | Symphony no. 9, "From the New World”, by Antonín Dvořák, is among the best pieces of symphonic music. The original score can be found in the collections of the National Museum.

The National Museum was ahead of its time in the 1950s

20.10.2016 | The Prehistory of Czechoslovakia exhibition in 1958 captivated not only visitors but also the media. The museological solution designed by the archaeologist Jiří Neustupný was revolutionary for its time, even outside Czechoslovakia. His design was innovative not only in its interpretation of prehistory, but also in the revolutionary idea of an automatic guide and the use of technology in the exhibition.

Traces of shooting from 1968 will not be covered by the reconstruction

21.08.2016 | In August 1968 gunfire was heard on Wenceslas Square. The target for the arms of the Warsaw Pact soldiers was the National Museum. It is not clear why they shot at the building. The event will be commemorated not only by a plaque but also by the traces of the shooting that remain on the façade.

PROVENIO, or to whom did they belong?

31.07.2016 | What did people in the middle Ages write in books? Or even our grandparents? In what way did they mark books as their property? What form did the interference of censorship and the inquisition take regarding suspicious and harmful books? Between 2012 and 2015 the staff of the Library of the National Museum attempted to answer all these questions within their work on the project “PROVENIO: Methods of researching book provenance”, which was supported by the funds of the NAKI programme (Applied research and development for national and cultural identity) of the Czech Ministry of Culture.

The Retro exhibition in National muzeum

27.06.2016 | In the New Building of the National Museum, the visitors will travel in time! The newly opened exhibition Retro will introduce tens of historical dresses, fashion accessories, toys, household equipment and technology, from the 19th century to the Velvet Revolution. Dresses are introduced in the context of modern clothing of famous fashion designers, from fashion label boutiques to ready-to-wear clothing. Everything is set against contemporary backdrops that connect fashion with technology, designer furniture and the applied arts. Children will have something to enjoy, too. Entertainment and an educational area called Retro playroom is prepared for them. Parents can recall their childhood memories here. Visitors can look forward to a rich accompanying programme in the form of fashion shows, textile workshops and competition events. The exhibition will run until 30 April 2017.

Reconstruction of the National Museum building

30.04.2016 | Generations of museologists have been calling for the reconstruction of the Historical Building of the National Museum. However, it was only Jiří Paroubek's administration that decided to approve the necessary funds, on 7. 6. 2006.

The oldest decorated pottery in the National Museum’s collections

28.03.2016 | In the archaeological collection of the National Museum, there are many artefacts that do not come from the territory of the Czech Republic, but from other countries. The finds coming from Lusatia, Austria, the Balkans, France, Scandinavia and the Middle East can serve as examples.

A discovery of world importance!

17.02.2016 | A rare print, until now considered lost, has been discovered in the collection of the Department of Music History in the National Museum - Czech Museum of Music. It is a libretto by the court poet in Vienna, Lorenzo Da Ponte, with a score, entitled Per la Ricuperata Salute di Offelia. The libretto was set to music in autumn 1785 by Antonio Salieri - the court composer of Italian origin - Wolfgang Amadeum Mozart, and Cornetti. The composition was heard perhaps the first time at a press conference at the Czech Museum of Music, performed by the harpsichordist Lukáš Vendl.

Experts studied rare Indian miniatures

15.01.2016 | The National Museum in cooperation with the National Library of the Czech Republic realized the restoration and technological survey of two unique Indian miniatures dated to around 1600 – 1611. Richly illuminated and gold-plated miniatures are attributed to The Jahangir Album. The album was compiled for Prince Salim (1569-1627), the future Mughal Emperor who adopted the name Jahangir and ruled between 1604 and 1627.