Top items - Horoscope of Albrecht von Wallenstein

01.11.2016 | The horoscope of Albrecht von Wallenstein is among the ten most important exhibits in the National Museum. The famous military commander and nobleman, Albrecht of Wallenstein, trusted greatly in astrologists and had several horoscopes put together for himself. However, the horoscope discussed in this video is in many ways unique.

None of the biographies of Albrecht von Wallenstein can go without mentioning the famous horoscope put together for this nobleman in several versions by Johannes Kepler. Yet Albrecht von Wallenstein wanted a better horoscope, one that would serve him as a guide in his life.

This is why it was a great surprise for experts when in the library of the Kopidlno Castle they found a horoscope made for Albrecht von Wallenstein in which, day after day, the prognosis for ten years (from 1628 to 1638) according to the position of the stars is elaborated. This is probably the most extensive astrological work of its time. It was clear right from the start that the found horoscope was not the work of Johannes Kepler, because he never made a detailed horoscope for Wallenstein.

So far it is not clear who the author of this extensive work was.

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